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DJI OSMO Action announced for $ 349, direct competitor of GoPro HERO 7 Black

THE DJI officially announced its new sports camera, the OSMO Action, with a design very similar to the traditional cameras of GoPro, a market leader in this segment. DJI bet on some changes to "steal" its competitor's market, bringing some improvements, but maintaining some problems already known to GoPro users.

DJI OSMO Action Official Website

THE DJI OSMO Action hits the market through a unique model costing $ 349 internationally (excluding tax), $ 50 below GoPro HERO 7 Black, which currently sells at a $ 50 discount. Remember that the OSMO Pocket, camera with mechanical 3-axis gimbal system was launched for $ 349, but does not compete with such cameras since it was not made for use with extreme sports. On the value, a leak indicated that OSMO Action would cost $ 399, but GoPro reduced the price of its top model by $ 50 and this may have forced DJI to launch it at the same value.

When it comes to technical specifications, we highlight 4K video recording at 60 fps and 1080p 240 fps, there is also support for an 8x slow-motion mode. It features two screens, but unlike the HERO 7 Black, the front screen is not only informative and can be used to view what the camera is capturing, interesting for selfies and video recordings.

Camera very similar to HERO 7 Black, but with some improvements

Another big highlight is in its digital stabilization system, which the company calls RockSteady, it will be interesting to see how this technology will behave in practice when compared to the HERO 7 Black which already had a very efficient system. Unlike leaks, the camera has no internal 3-axis gimbal system.

RAW format image recording, custom modes for easy image capture in addition to easily accessible buttons are also present in the camera, as well as the possibility of some voice commands, ie many technologies similar to what we already know of GoPro models.

It supports submerging in water up to 11 meters, rising to 60 meters with the protective housing. The external material used for its construction as well as the lens are of high durability.

The battery has a 135-minute autonomy at 1080p quality video recording, not bad enough after 2 hours and 15 minutes, but when recording at 4K 60 fps with RockSteady stabilization technology enabled the autonomy drops to 63 minutes , I expected a lot more, this data is similar to or even lower than GoPro HERO 7 Black at 4K 60 fps with stabilization. Those who use to record situations such as trails, long bike rides or longer events such as a marathon cannot use it without being along with a power bank or losing part of the route, a pity.

GoPros pinning accessories support OSMO Action

DJI took advantage of another great detail from GoPro, most of the accessories are compatible, so all you have to do with clips, whether for body, car, surfboard, helmet etc, will support the OSMO Action camera, what beauty in the?

Below is a table comparing the specifications of DJI OSMO Action and GoPro HERO 7 Black, showing the main technologies offered by the two cameras that will fight for the same market segment.

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