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DJI Mavic Mini – our impressions with this amazing, light, small big drone

THE DJI announced today the Mavic Mini, the company's first drone released this year, not just any drone, but a model with the potential to become the world's biggest selling success. Because? Because of its weight of 249 grams and the different legislation it fits.

Mavic Mini Official Website

Drones under 250 grams fall under much milder legislation around the world, in Brazil an example that he no longer needs Anac's registration.

If small and light, has low autonomy, no? AT THE, the Mavic Mini has amazing 30 minutes of flight range, among the highest in the market, and we are talking about an ultra compact drone and not a model like the much larger Mavic 2, which, by the way, has only 1 minute more autonomy. One more reason to risk saying that he is the world's biggest sales success.

Like other highlights besides the weight, ultra compact size, 2.7K 30fps video recording camera with 12MP sensor and 3 axis gimbal, 4km control distance via Wifi connection with HD resolution for smartphone / tablet screen, stand for a series of pre-programmed flight modes through the new app DJI Fly.