DJI Mavic Air 2 drone does well in repair test – See it inside

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  • Drone DJI Mavic Air 2 went through the evaluation of the Ifixit website to know how the equipment does when it needs to be repaired
  • The evaluation was positive, showing that it is easy to make changes and replacements on the drone
  • The only negative point raised was the position of the motor and its power cables
  • In general, repairing the Mavic Air 2 is easy

THE DJI Mavic Air 2 the company's newest model. He is already being highly praised in several reviews, made by experts in the subject. It seems that there are other good news for those who decided to purchase the model. The Ifixit website, which specializes in disassemble appliances and note repairability, evaluated the drone positively. It is built in such a way that future repairs can be made without major difficulties.

Drones are put to the test many times. Some users were the equipment to achieve the best image, in often difficult scenarios. This makes it not uncommon for some falls, collisions, tangles, among other things that can damage the drone.

If repairability were too difficult, it could cause many users to decide not to fix it. For the greater cost benefit it offers, they are still expensive equipment. If the repair was still difficult, this could be an important point for users to get up before purchasing the equipment.

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On the video, the Ifixit team shows how the equipment is disassembled. He insured by screws, which makes removal easy and safe. This shows that once opened, It is easy to replace some equipment. If the camera is damaged, it is possible to change it easily, for example. The same occurs with other hardware coupled.

Connections are made by cables that are plugged into the center plate equipment. This indicates that it is not necessary to use welding machines to reestablish the connection. This helps to make repair even easier. Several other components are fitted, like a large Lego piece. What more a positive point for the equipment.

Something that makes it a little difficult, and it was a negative point highlighted by the site, engines. The outside cables are welded and are located in a place that makes access difficult. The company chose to place the cables under the rods that allow the drone to take flight. This means that if a rod is damaged, it will be necessary to remove the cable that connects to the engine and connect it again.

The video's conclusion is more positive than negative for Mavic Air 2. The website says that both cameras and sensors are easy to replace. The circuit boards are independent, which means that if something goes wrong with the weld, or with a collision, this will not render the other components unusable. What requires more attention are its engines, but it is still not impossible to repair.

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