DJI Mavic 2 bate Skydio 2 em comparativo de rastreamento - confira vídeos! [+Update]

DJI Mavic 2 beats Skydio 2 in tracking comparison – check it out! [+Update]

(Update 12/16/19)

After you publish your comparison between the tracking systems of the Skydio 2 It's from DJI Mavic 2 Zoomyoutuber OriginaldoBo received a good deal of criticism from your test. Two days after this first video, we have a new content creator publication justifying in more depth the result we saw earlier, with full recordings and comments.

The main criticism received was that youtuber would be moving much faster on the skydio 2 test. To this end, he argues that it would not be a fair demonstration if his movement was not altered by testing "a drone that is twice smarter" than DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. To compare, Skydio 2 has seven working cameras, while Mavic 2 has only one (other than sensors).


Drone also maintains excellent stabilization while shooting

"It basically means, 'Okay, if we were in a race and I know your car is an 8-second car and mine is a 10-second car, we should start on an equal footing." No, you would give this car an advantage to make it fair. " – Excerpt from the video posted by youtuber OriginaldoBo.

Another complaint concerns the motion and active track, which would not have been used equally on both drones. However, we must remember that the main point of interest of Skydio 2 is autonomous flight. Mavic 2 can even do something similar but with another type of feature (flying with a marked target).

At the end of this video, youtuber doesn't let it pass that your opinion was based on a unique test. If the flight with both drones was done multiple times, the results would possibly be different. He also mentions again that Skydio 2 looked like be thinking too much about the route that would take.

"If you see a youtuber taking a test, that is, you don't know how many he did (…). This was a unique test, so each one's mileage may vary." – Excerpt from the video posted by youtuber OriginaldoBo.

Finally, he says that the problems presented by Skydio 2 may have a lot to do with software and that over time it may improve. Some people commented that they would cancel their order after the video, but youtuber makes it clear that this was a specific situation.

The youtuber OriginaldoBo, a content producer who devotes much of his channel to drones, recently made a comparison of the functionality of rmotion tracking of the ships DJI Mavic 2 and Skydio 2. It has surprised many people that the DJI drone beat its US opponent in testing, and this becomes much more interesting if we remember that Skydio's main proposal is to fly autonomously, using a sophisticated artificial intelligence system to follow the user alone.


The update focuses on flight performance, tracking updates, and bug fixes.

The purpose of the comparison was to show how the US startup drone fits a traditional model like Mavic 2. In particular, youtuber wanted to test Skydio 2's Motion Tracking functionality against its competitor's Active Track. .

Official Website: Skydio

He took the two drones to a park near his house and compared how they deal with the situation of capturing a person running near trees and other such obstacles. That is, it is a much more challenging situation than simply capturing someone running on an open road.

"I specifically chose these trails because they are definitely more challenging than skateboarding down an open road. There are old beards, cips, low trees, and various obstacles that can cause one of these drones to lose their way and eventually hit. "– Originaldobo, YouTuber

At times of the test, the Skydio Beacon, which sold separately and cost $ 149, was used. It promises to greatly improve aircraft tracking, allowing communication to extend for 1.5km, and allow GPS to be used to keep up with the user.

Most of the time, Skydio 2 did well in testing. The drone got a little lost just a couple of times and once again the Beacon totally lost the GPS signal. At that moment, the drone began to climb higher and higher until the channel host stopped the Beacon again and it was all right.

Meanwhile, everything worked perfectly with the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. According to Youtuber, the Chinese manufacturer's model has chosen the smarter and simpler ways. J Skydio seemed be thinking too much about the route that would take, which made him make less practical decisions.

But the real problem was when youtuber Mike, the video guest, tried the same test on the way back. Skydio 2 was eventually lost in a region full of old beard and cips, and landed alone making lawnmower noises.

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