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DJI lana RoboMaster S1, educational robot that teaches physics, math and programming

THE DJI, which owns 74% of the world consumer drone market, is launching the RoboMaster S1, one educational rob. The central purpose teach math, physics and programming in a different and fun way, making sure that while students play, learn and put into practice concepts that are often difficult to make contact with the real world.

The robot is not ready, the box has 46 customizable components that must be mounted like a lego. To get started, the parts need to be connected, as DJI indicates in the instruction manual. The fact that it can be disassembled also opens the door for future parts to be released, and can fully modify the S1 with other additional equipment, (the company has not officially talked about it). In addition to the parts that make up the S1, the box comes with other equipment that can be used later for play.

The S1 was thought to be as knowledge in physics, math and programming increases. Although it already comes with some functions, they can all be modified with the programming codes. The two supported languages ​​are Python and Scratch, both of which are used in the classic version and were based on the method that is applied to teach children and adolescents codes.

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There are six main parts to the robot, they are: the smart controller (intelligent controller), blaster, two-axis mechanical gimbal (2-axis mechanical gimbal), mecum wheels (mecumum wheel), high performance engine (high performance engine) and the smart sensor armor (intelligent sensing armor). See the image below where each part is allocated:

Intelligent controller: It sits at the top, as if it were in the "head" of the robot, uses a CPU that supports low latency and high definition image transmission, as well as being responsible for executing command signals.

Blaster: Inside the robot, just below the main sensor, it uses LED lights to mark launch paths of its "weapons", which are gel particles and infrared beams. It produces sound effects, which aim to simulate a real battle and make the experience more immersive.

Two-axis mechanical gimbal: This part can be considered as a "neck" of the robot, it has a rotation and tilt range of 540 by 65. This rotation makes the field of view of the FPV camera present in the robot to be larger. The built-in direct drive brushless motor works in conjunction with the IMU and advanced algorithms that allow precise movement, which increases the quality of the image transmission.

Wheels mecum: The wheels are responsible for locating the robot, each has 12 rollers, which makes the movement is omnidirectional, ie have the same properties in all directions. This gives S1 more precise control of the paths that will be plotted.

High performance engine: The engine that is present in the S1 is the custom M3508I, which allows the speed and directions of the robot to be changed through programming. It also features Hall effect linear sensors with advanced algorithms that allow precise control. The engine also provides additional safety for improved stability.

Intelligent sensing armor: The armor is on the side of the S1, it consists of six intelligent shielded panels to detect the gel attack or infrared rays of an opposing S1. This part is intended to be used as a defense in combat situations with other robots.

The S1 already has programming to do the line recognition, (which can be plotted for him to follow), people (which are recognized by the camera and can be followed, for example), vision markers (such as signs, or callsigns), clapping, gestures (recognized gestures also generate actions) and also other robots s1 (which can be used in battles). Tall recognitions are modifiable in programming, which allows the actions made by the robot to be customized according to the student's wishes.

The programming made by RoboMaster app which made available by DJI. It can be downloaded on both smartphones and tablets, allowing the student to be able to make code changes anywhere.

Link to S1 Sales Website

The DJI RoboMaster S1 is now ready for the market and can now be purchased by visiting this link. The amount being charged by him from $ 499, which in direct conversion to the current currency quotation, without considering any taxes, about R $ 1922.

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