DJI lana Osmo Mobile 3; stabilizer arrives lighter, smaller and cheaper

The mystery of the DJI! The company today announced its new folding and portable smartphone stabilizer – the Osmo Mobile 3. The device features an intuitive design with simplified operations and adjustments, and the manufacturer claims that "the ideal companion for travel and all the adventures of life" offering ultra stable images and unique content through the smart features programmed in the latest version of the device. DJI Mimo app.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Official Website

Folding concept similar to Mavic drones

The first highlight your compact and efficient ergonomics. The new folding design and its locking mechanisms make it a gadget that can be carried anywhere without much difficulty, a concept also adopted by the Mavic drones. The buttons on the handle allow the user to easily access their features. THE Fast InverseFor example, you rotate the portrait-to-landscape orientation by pressing the Mode (M) button twice without removing the mobile device.

Osmo Mobile 3 offers up to 15 hours of battery and its redesign does not disturb the loading and audio ports. It can also connect via Bluetooth 5.0 DJI Mimo and offers some predefined features for the user to make the most of their creativity, such as:

  • Active Track 3.0: Image recognition algorithms and Deep learning from DJI allow Osmo Mobile 3 to recognize and track objects. Using Active Track, the user can tap the gadget trigger once and it starts tracking while keeping the "object" centered on the frame;

  • Slow Motion: slows down footage by 4x or 8x;
  • Gestural Control: begins a countdown when the user makes a "peace sign" or lifts his palm to capture the image;

  • Pan Picture: offers two distinct modes – 3×3 or 180;

  • Sport Mode: this feature similar to what already exists in DJI Ronin series, increasing the device's speed of response so you can keep up with faster movement;

  • Story Mode: allows the inclusion of music, video transitions and filters in the image. One can choose from 13 options available, and the Mimo app is responsible for controlling camera movements. After filming, the app automatically generates a "professional edition" video;
  • TimeLapse and MotionLapse: TimeLapse lets you speed up shooting, while MotionLapse adds the dynamic element, setting points for the camera to move;
  • Hyperlapse: allows you to add motion to TimeLapse by moving Osmo Mobile 3 manually. This tool supports both Active Track 3.0 and Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS) In real time.

Osmo Mobile 3 was launched in two options: Combo back, which comes with the stabilizer, tripod, cable and storage case, for US $ 139 (R $ 553 in direct convert without fees)while the standard version arrives by $ 119. There is still no forecast for its arrival in the Brazilian market.

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