DJI is using drones to help fight Coronavirus in China

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected more than 72 thousand people and has caused 1868 deaths to date. The outbreak is also having a strong impact on the technological world, causing, for example, the cancellation of the 2020 edition of the Mobile World Congress and Facebook's Global Markiting Summit.

To help combat the spread of the virus in China, DJI, the well-known drone manufacturer, decided to put its technology at the service of the population. In early February, the Chinese company moved forward with a $ 1.5 million initiative aimed at controlling the outbreak.

DJI adapted the Agras drone series to spray a disinfectant solution on territories potentially infected by COVID-19. The manufacturer indicates on its website that drones can dramatically improve the way China fights the outbreak. The equipment makes it possible to cover a much larger area and reduce the risk of workers being exposed to the virus.

The Chinese manufacturer has already sprayed more than 3 million square meters in the Shenzhen region. The company is encouraging the practice in other provinces in the country, especially in residential areas, hospitals, factories and waste treatment plants. In addition, several groups of volunteers are promoting disinfection in regions such as Shanghai.

It is recalled that in 2019, DJI used its drones to help eradicate malaria in Africa. The Anti-Malaria Drones project also brought together Aquatain, a company that develops solutions based on mosquito control and the Dutch Malaria Foundation. The initiative had a partnership with Tanzania Flying Labs, specialized in robotics and artificial intelligence course programs, and the Zanzibar Malaria Elimination Program, responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of malaria control interventions.

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