DJI is preparing a big mysterious announcement for August 13th

DJI is preparing for what looks like a big event. The company is displaying a countdown timer on its website which, as I write this news, marks 3 days and 19 hours for the event.

The event comes at an unexpected time, had no strong indication that a product would arrive so early, not even a drone, that is the main highlight of the brand. However, there are some possibilities, according to what we have been writing here.

The company's only big clue is a video on the counting site, but it's only fifteen seconds long and not very revealing. The teaser is hosted on the site itself, so we could not place it here.


The company has registered patent of the device in China

He shows an animation with a cat, a passage in which a glass bottle appears and people, also in animation, at a party. Behind, the phrase "party time" appears bright. Lastly, August 13 is the phrase "transform your world".

This makes it hard to imagine what can be released. Recently we have seen leaks of DJI Osmo Mobile 3, which apparently bring about major design changes, bringing back the trigger on the back, as well as the USB-C connection. However, the video images also show nothing of the kind, despite presenting people with smartphones in hands.

We also recently saw the company register a mirroless camera. Although it seems that DJI will actually make the device, this is a product that is not being expected for a very popular price, and the images show a party and perhaps something to that effect.

Something that could indicate a camera is that it shows various regions of the world, with the idea of ​​tourism.

My biggest guess, and that doesn't help much since DJI always works with this kind of device, that the released gadget has a built-in camera, since the first frames of the video bring what looks like a camera shutter. See the image above.

And the beginning of the video also features a well-known format of Hasselblad cameras on drones and even devices like DJI Osmo Pocket.

Source: DJI