DJI Government Edition the new high security drone solution

The Chinese manufacturer of electronics DJI announced the Government Edition, your new solution high security drones for state agencies. According to the website Drone DJ, the announcement would be an answer to the concerns of the United States Government with the security of your data.


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DJI Government Edition enables government agencies to serve the public more efficiently and effectively using industry's most widely adopted drone technology while maintaining vital control over their data. This is the safest drone solution ever made by DJI because it prevents users from transferring data out of the drone, either accidentally or on purpose.– Mario Rebello, DJI North America Regional Manager

Official Website: DJI Government Edition

In its official press release, DJI notes that its users have always had complete control over how data collected with their drones is collected, stored and transferred. Still, they explain that they have developed a unique architecture for Government Edition, which prevents data from being transferred out of the drone and shared with unauthorized people.

By incorporating these guarantees into its architecture, the Government Edition solution meets the stringent data security expectations of state agencies, bringing them the security, reliability and ease of operation that makes DJI products respected by leading pilots. commercial drones worldwide.– Mario Rebello, DJI North America Regional Manager

Source: DJI

This special version of DJI drones even allows government aircraft agencies and government IT departments to review software updates before deploying them to their fleet. They also feature a strict pairing tool, which means that unmanned aircraft will only be shared with controls running Government Edition firmware and not compatible with other models.

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