Drones da DJI voam um total de 114 milhões de km no período de um ano

DJI drones fly a total of 114 million km over a year

THE DJI released statistics on the use of its drones during 2018, including that all of the company's products traveled about 114 million km together. That is enough to make 149 trips from the Earth at a Moon.


New product versions are enhanced and optimized for high risk and professional missions.

According to the company, its aircraft were used on all 6 continents of the planet (including the Anthrid) over a total of 13 million hours. This time is the equivalent of 1,578 years or 18,936 months.

The company also announced that the average number of drone flights per year was 31 trips. That is, users who have a DJI drone have used their gadget at least once every two weeks.

To top it off, the Chinese manufacturer's drones were used to create 12 videos per minute in 2018. Users still used the app. DJI Go to edit 6 million videos. The company also realized that 4 users used drones in more than 24 different countries and that one pilot alone accumulated 18,409 km of flight.

"The most commonly used flight mode was Active Track, which gives aerial photographers an easier and safer way to get a cinematic photo during flight. When enabled, ActiveTrack follows the target of choice during the scene. Other commonly used applications have been Quickshot and Tripod Mode, a very useful intelligent flight mode, mainly used for flying indoors, in tight spaces or in places with limited maneuverability.The Hyperlase automatic mode in the Mavic 2 series was the most used feature of the model, created aiming to create the traveling effect while time is passing ".– DJI Official Announcement

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