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DJI drones are used to map effects of human activity on the Amazon

Drones of DJI are being used in a project of the State University of Amazonas (UEA) together with researchers from Harvard to map the emissions of the vegetation of Amazon.


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With this, scientists seek to measure the impact of human activities on various ecosystems, as well as create the possibility of predicting disastrous changes in the forest in advance.

Official Website: DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The collected data will also be sent to the Harvard Climate Change Solutions Fund (Harvard Climate Change Fund, in free translation), which will use them to better understand how the environment is changing because of human action.

Click here and check out the official video explaining the project

Information gathering is done through the drone M600 gives DJI, which allows you to exchange your standard sensors for the specific models used in the research. With this, they can detect the smells of the forest and detect the conditions of the local vegetation.

"The DJI M600 model has combined sensors exchange to collect the kind of information that could only be collected from tall, static places like towers and balloons. The flexibility of drones has opened a new set of possibilities for research, the usual camera of drones, has given way to a sample box, the technology works like an electronic nose, which pulls the forest air during the flight. "– DJI Official Announcement

DJI provided a technology consultancy for the project in partnership with the environmental chemist Scot T. Martin, Harvard professor. According to him, drones have allowed access to a view of the Amazon ecosystem that has never been available before.

Dr. Martin's success in technology has led to the deployment of a fleet of drones to collect air samples at different heights. This information will not only provide scientists with more accurate information, but also help create an early warning system. anticipated for potentially disastrous changes in the rainforest. "– DJI Official Announcement

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