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DJI can launch Mavic Pro 2 drone in March [Rumor]

The manufacturer DJI should launch the droneMavic Pro 2 already in March 2018, according to website information Drone DJ. According to the news, knowledgeable sources have stated that mass production has already started.

Mavic 2 Pro must be application controlled DJI Go 4just like other DJI drones.

The Chinese New Year celebration is also expected to not affect the device's production schedule, which is expected to hit the market on March 22.

DJI's new product should follow the concept of the Mavic line, focusing on portability, so it should also be foldable and bring many of the new technologies that have been introduced in Mavic Air. This includes 3D sensors, obstacle avoidance and the advanced assistance system. pilot (APAS). All of these features serve to make drone piloting easier.

Among the reasons for the release of the new version, Mavic Air would be "cannibalizing" Mavic Pro sales, as it brings a lot of more interesting features for a lower price, so a more current version of Mavic Pro makes a lot of sense to maintain. products with different profiles without much affecting the other's sales.

Any kicks? More battery life? 4K camera with 60FPS? Maybe a low rain support … we are waiting, stay tuned.

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