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DJI announces that start making government drones within the US

The chinese manufacturer DJI announced that it will start manufacturing government drones within the United States, in a maneuver that seeks to rescue the confidence of the Donald Trump Government amid a fiscal war with the China. To this end, the company is adapting one of its warehouses in California to implement an assembly line on US soil.


Announcement would be a response to US Government concerns about Chinese company

As the site points out Drone DJ, this is the third official statement that DJI has issued today, all intended to dispel accusations that its drones send sensitive surveillance information to the Government of China.

Official Website: DJI Government Edition

The product that occupies most of the production line of the new factory is expected to be DJI Government Edition, a highly secure solution for state agencies that the company recently unveiled. With this new drone, DJI is expected to be able to meet US federal requirements, which have become stricter for Chinese companies.

Official Website: DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

We were caught in the midst of geopolitical issues of our time. There is a lot of fear and a lot of hype, and a lot of the talk is actually misleading. [] We will be more proactive and ensure that we are sharing as much information as possible.– Mario Rebello, DJI Vice President North America

According to the news, the expectation that DJI Government Edition may be sold to the US Federal Government, as well as to state and local agencies is something that is probably no longer possible with the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.

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