DJI anuncia Ronin-SC, estabilizador gimbal para câmeras mirrorless

DJI announces Ronin-SC gimbal stabilizer for mirrorless cameras

DJI has announced DJI Ronin-SC, a gimbal filming stabilizer that works with mirrorless cameras and can also connect to the phone to do some features as long as it is used with an adapter in the camera.

The product arrives costing $ 439 in the basic kit and highlighted as a lightweight and easy to handle gadget by DJI. It has the dimensions of 220x200x75mm and weighs 1.1kg. The battery life, according to DJI, is 11 hours, slightly below what we have already seen on mobile stabilizers here on the site.

The maximum weight supported is up to 2kg, although DJI brings the camera with a stand and smartphone to the trailer.

The product trailer highlights how it can be used for dynamic takes with trails and extreme sports capture.

Another quality of the gimbal, according to DJI, is the possibility of capturing in 360, something that we saw in some of the gimbals we tested here, since not only everyone can do it, especially with cameras and smartphones. Even for mirrorless cameras, the gadget needs to be robust, something that DJI promises for the device.

Like the Zhiyun Smooth 4, DJI's new stabilizer features a wheel on the side, with which it can perform functions such as changing focus and zoom, increasing the number of possibilities for those who enjoy audiovisuals. She is also excellent at being able to do this smoothly, as sensitive.

The gimbal stabilizers also stand out for their functionalities, DJI demonstrates on the video and on the product disclosure site some present in Ronin-SC.

Although these are the comments, remember that they depend much more on software, so it may be that the gadget will receive some other functionality later.

So far the ones listed are: panorama, timelapse, motiontimelapse, motion control, activetrack 3.0.

The latter is nothing more than the possibility of docking a smartphone on top of the mirrorless camera and connecting it to the device so that the gimbal follows a moving object.

Other accessories will also be sold separately, including a control unit, which brings one more screen.


An interesting gadget especially for those who have cinematographic projects.

Here on the site we have demonstrated several times the multiple possibilities of using a gimbal stabilizer for filming. Coming to join them and download the best smartphone gimbals according to your style and style.

We also tested the Feiyutech a2000, a more rugged stabilizer made for heavier cameras, DSLR. It even brings a set that includes the possibility of using both hands, check the analysis. Also be sure to check out what we wrote about the DJI Osmo Pocket, a portable and powerful gadget, filming in 4K without giving up stabilization.

Source: DJI