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DJI announces P4 Multispectral, drone for accurate agricultural analysis

DJI is introducing and making available for sale its latest drone, the P4 Multispectral, which is designed to work in agriculture generating highly accurate data analysis. It is equipped with a normal camera (RGB) and five other sensors so that it is possible to capture plant data. It is designed to help maintain the health of field crops and has a maximum flight of up to 27 minutes with a range of up to 7 km using the OcuSync system.

Multispectral capture includes blue, green, red, red border and near infrared faxes, all of which can be captured with a stabilized image through the gimbal on the aircraft. Sensor images can be generated as a preliminary analysis in Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), commonly applied in agriculture for crop health verification. During flight, the pilot can change the preview between modes by taking a real-time area survey of the terrain conditions.

At the top of the aircraft is a solar sensor that allows you to analyze the sun's radiation to increase the accuracy of data collection provided on different days. DJI also guarantees an accuracy of centimeters in the analysis images generated by the sensor. To analyze something specific, the user can configure a preset in the application by choosing what he wants from the sensors.

DJI says that with his new drone and sensor kit, a plant owner can make more assertive decisions, knowing where to make spending or investment cuts, which ultimately generates a higher profit and a better quality product.

DJI launches new drones for agriculture and disaster relief

The possibility of using a drone gives a privileged view and more comfortable, especially for those who have a very large area to cover. In addition, the service that would need to be done by someone on foot or with a land vehicle can now be done using a drone and much more accurately as it can provide normal shooting at worst.

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