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DJI AirSense detects planes and helicopters in drones over 250g by 2020

THE DJI announced its new plan to ensure safer city space: the installation of technology AirSense, who able to receive ADS-B signals of nearby airplanes and helicopters. The feature should be implemented on unmanned aircraft for consumers over 250g and should avoid accidents involving gadgets of this type.


Security Department says DJI drones can send "sensitive" data to China

Commercial drones that exceed this weight and are released after January 1, 2020 will have AirSense technology. She is able to warn the pilot of the unmanned aircraft that she is on a collision course with an airplane or helicopter.

Official Website: DJI AirSense

"DJI leads the drone industry in developing safety technologies and educating consumers, and we continue that tradition today by setting even higher expectations for ourselves, our competitors and our regulators. DJI was the first company to offer geofencing, automatic altitude limits, return-to-home technology and other safety features for the growing community of personal and professional drone plots. "– Brendan Schulman, Vice President, Legal Affairs, DJI

According to the Chinese manufacturer, the new technology is capable of detecting airplanes and helicopters miles away, far beyond what a drone pilot could see or hear. AirSense then displays the positions of these other aircraft on the drone's remote control screen itself.

"We believe our efforts have helped drones achieve an enviable safety record, and we hope our new agenda will further improve safety as more drones take to the skies."– Brendan Schulman, Vice President, Legal Affairs, DJI

The technology is part of DJI's safety agenda, a 10-point program presented by the company to ensure unmanned aircraft continue their strong safety record. Check out the points below:

1. DJI will install ADS-B receivers on all new drones over 250g2. DJI will develop a new automatic warning for drone pilots flying over long distances3. DJI will establish a Safety Standards Group to meet regulatory and consumer expectations4. Aircraft industry groups should develop standards for reporting drone incidents5. All drone manufacturers must install geofencing and remote identification6. Governments must require remote identification7. Governments should require user-friendly knowledge testing for new drone8 pilots. Governments should clearly designate sensitive areas of service restriction9. Local authorities should be able to respond to drone threats that are clear and serious10. Governments should increase law enforcement responses against unsafe drone operations

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