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DJ Khaled is Apple Music's first "resident artist"

The rapper DJ Khaled , so to speak, close to Apple for some time: he starred in commercials for Apple Music (including his own son Assad), performed shows with Apple's support at a number of events, and produced a show on Beats 1 radio. Now his relationship with Cupertino's people is even deeper.

In his Instagram account, Khaled announced that he is taking the title of first “Resident artist” of Apple music and take control of several of the playlists most popular of the platform. He called on other artists and producers to help him in his task and has already modified the first playlist within the new collaboration, “Office DJ” is now called, of course, “Office DJ Khaled” (in Portuguese, “At Work with DJ Khaled”).


The list, dedicated to animating the office and work environment, features works by hip hop and R&B artists such as Jay-Z, Drake, Beyonc, Lauryn Hill, Sam Cooke, Dr. Dre, and more. Thus she described by Khaled and Apple:

Any workplace benefits from a little excitement, and few people are better at speeding people's hearts and improving productivity than DJ Khaled, Apple Music's first resident artist. He is planning a takeover corporate with that playlist Exclusive and hand-selected, it features new and old hip hop, R&B, reggae and pop classics where Khaled specializes and is designed specifically to take any of the first sign of the day to the close of business.

Khaled add your own ringtone to others playlists popular platform over the next few months or launch own lists. He says that unknown or rising artists can contact Instagram to present their work.

Cool, isn't it?

via AppleInsider