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DisplayPort 2.0 protocol will be compatible with USB4, allowing connection of 16K monitors

Those who read our article explaining the differences between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 already know: in the not too distant future, a new protocol (the USB4) will be made available to unify the specifications and give all computers, mobile devices and accessories maximum connection speeds.

Today, the protocol has become even more versatile: VESA (Video Electronic Standards Association, the group responsible for developing the connection standards of the screen industry) announced that its standard DisplayPort 2.0, revealed last June, will be compatible with USB4 when the latter is released, that is.

DisplayPort Alternate Mode

More specifically, VESA announced version 2.0 of the DisplayPort Alt Mode, which allows absolute interoperability with USB4 protocol technologies. In practice, this means that the protocol will be able, when in DisplayPort Alt Mode, to transmit video data up to 80 gigabits per second or up to 40Gbps if the usage is shared with the data transmission.

With this, the USB4 protocol can support even a monitor 16K (good luck finding one of these), or two 8K monitors simultaneously; the connection will also support higher refresh rates, HDR and multiple display configurations.

As USB4 does not have royalties, the trend is that, when launched, the protocol will be quickly applied to devices throughout the industry, Apple, for example, should be one of the first companies to adopt the technology on Macs. The expectation that the first devices with USB4 (already supporting DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0) will reach the market sometime in 2021.

Not bad, huh?

via AppleInsider