Samsung Galaxy Note9

DisplayMate now considers Galaxy Note9 screen the best on the market

THE Samsung may have its flaws there (and who doesn’t, anyway?), but if there is a field in which we can all agree that the South Korean screens. It is enough to see that the last two panels proudly display the title of “best screen on a smartphone” by the specialized firm DisplayMate were from the company: the Galaxy S9 and, before him, the iPhone X – which, yes, is manufactured by Samsung. Now, the paradigm continues.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

According to DisplayMate, the Galaxy Note9 brings the best screen ever placed on a smartphone, with color accuracy, brightness and viewing angle significantly superior to the competition. The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel was praised by experts especially for its brightness: it is approximately 27% brighter than that found in Note8, with a peak of 710 nits, and has 32% more contrast at full brightness (if the auto brightness option is on).

Another point highly praised by DisplayMate experts was that of color accuracy, an aspect that – in a past that already sounds distant – has been controversial on AMOLED screens. According to the firm, the panel is “virtually indistinguishable from the perfect one”, in addition to having the lowest rate of color change of a device on the market. Other records were achieved by the screen, such as higher contrast ratio, lower screen reflectance, less variation of whites in viewing angles and much more.

Giving the Note9 screen the maximum “A +” rating, DisplayMate classifies:

The Galaxy Note9 has the most innovative and high-performance smartphone screen that our lab has ever tested, breaking and setting many new performance records like the ones listed above. He performs his tasks uniformly consistently and received green ratings (very good to excellent) across all DisplayMate Test categories and Measurement Categories – it’s only the second screen to receive green grades in all categories, after which he equips the Galaxy S9. The level of performance and excellence of the panels has grown every year, and now the Galaxy Note9 has raised the standard to a significantly higher level.

Will Apple have something to say about it next month?

via Android Central