iPad 2 will officially become obsolete later this month

DisplayMate evaluates tablet screens and chooses the iPad champion

DisplayMate made an overall assessment among three tablets available on the market to find out which one would be the champion in terms of image quality. The result was, in a way, surprising: the champion gadget was the iPad, which basically hasn't changed on the display since its first generation, in 2010.

Despite offering little gamut of colors, the Apple tablet would make up for this difference with intensity, a feature that no other tablet uses. In terms of calibration, contrast, color accuracy and viewing angle, the iPad's performance was considered very good.

iPad 2

The Motorola XOOM, in turn, was considered the worst when it comes to color display and calibration, in addition to its dynamic rear lighting having been identified as “counterproductive and just plain weird”, making dark images even darker. The Transformer did not manage to go much further: despite having the advantages of IPS technology, the Asus tablet left much to be desired in calibration and brightness.

As a bonus, the experts at DisplayMate evaluated the possibility of a future iPad 3 with a Retina display, with twice the current resolution on a panel with the same dimensions. It is possible that the disadvantages of adopting a monstrous resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels are not worth it: the drop in performance, memory usage and battery consumption would not compensate for the unnecessary gain in extra resolution. A satisfactory solution that would not bring so many nudes could be the adoption of a density of pixels around 200dpi, something that would be fully possible with 1600 × 1200 pixels.

Other recommendations for tablet manufacturers would be to reduce the reflectivity of the screens, so as to depend on lower brightness levels to compensate for ambient light, increase the gamut of colors and better use of automatic brightness systems, to avoid visual fatigue in users or waste of energy.

(via Electronist)