Display makers are bewildered with so many tablets being made in 2011

Display makers are bewildered with so many tablets being made in 2011

A year ago the iPad appeared and took the market by storm, isolating itself in a category that was completely devoid of serious products. In 2011, however, the scenario is very different and everyone wants to enter the tablet market. This is good (competition!), But it is being complicated for Asian display suppliers to handle so many different orders, according to the DigiTimes.

IPad market share between tablets - iSuppliJoe Abelson, vice president of the display industry at IHS iSuppli, believes that the fact that the tablet market is so new and unpredictable could force suppliers to bet on certain production capabilities based on their customers' unrealistic expectations. "With different screen sizes and configurations at stake, we can expect significant moments of scarcity and excess () throughout 2011, potentially accompanied by aggressive promotions or the destruction of unused displays," said Abelson.

And the iPad? He should reach the end of the year with 70.4% of market share, still maintaining a 61.7% share in the segment in 2012. Everything indicates that Apple thought not only of a gadget that consumers would want to buy by the millions, but also of a way to manufacture it without generating chaos in the production chain.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)