Disney launches custom keyboard for iPhones with GIFs of its most famous characters

Disney launches custom keyboard for iPhones with GIFs of its most famous characters

You may have heard the phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words", right? I believe that exactly for this reason, today,emoticons they are such a success in the way they communicate. It is much simpler 😄 than writing "I liked it", "I was happy", "What you said pleased me a lot", or put 😞 instead of "Wow, I was sad about what you just said to me".

That said, and as we already commented here on the launch of iOS 8, when Apple released the entry of custom keyboards in the App Store, a new market has opened up to expand this type of communication. And Disney just released a custom keyboard for iOS with several animated GIFs of its characters, allowing us to illustrate more and more a text conversation.

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The installation process is the same as that of other keyboards available in the store: you download the app, go to General Keyboard Settings and enables full access to the Disney GIF keyboard. A small sad caveat for us Brazilians, that for now this new keyboard is not available in the national store.

The app comes with free GIFs that represent different situations. For that you have Disney characters (from titles like “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Frozen”, etc.), from “Star Wars”, from Disney / Pixar ("Insect Life", "Toy Story", "Up", "Fun Mind", etc.) and films from ABC.

But it doesn't stop there. If even with this diversity of GIFs you still miss some face, there is the possibility to buy thepremium packs with emoticons “Frozen” or other package with emoticons excited over time more package options should come up.

One point that I initially thought was bad and then I reviewed my concept of how to send GIFs. You need to select the animation and this automatically sets the choice to the memory (RAM) of the device, then you go to the text field, touch it and the option “paste” (paste). At first I found this method very bad because I could send the image directly to the text field. But on second thought, I saw that this way people will reflect more before “orkutizing” conversations. Then it ends up serving as a reflex moment to send (or not) a certain GIF.

What did you think? Does fashion catch on?