Disney + is released; service will land in Brazil in November 2020

As expected, one of the biggest cards in the world of streaming video was played today: the Disney +, service of the American entertainment giant, was finally released. For us Brazilians, that doesn't mean much (for now); j for Apple, this is quite a moment.

As we know, the Apple TV + debuted at the beginning of this month in over 100 countries. With the release of Disney + today, however, many users will begin to compare services and of course will choose the best option to subscribe to.

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More than just competitors, Disney + (or Apple TV +, depending on which side of the story you see it in) was already the cause of some discord in the Apple Park corridors: last September, the executive Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, left his seat on the board of Ma due to conflicts of interest between the giants, driven precisely by the competition between the two in the market of streaming.

Despite the regrets, Ma was neutral and unveiled Disney's new service through the App Store Twitter profile:

Welcome to Disney Paradise! DisneyDisney + is now available and offers unlimited access to all your favorites from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. #DisneyPlus apple.co/Disney

Just like the Netflix, a HBO GO it's the Amazon Prime, Disney + does not appear as a channel for the Apple TV app (as with Apple TV +). To integrate Disney's service with Ma's app, the user must allow access through the Disney app. streaming so you can keep track of what was watched and the progress of viewing content from the Ma platform.

As we report, another important selling point for Disney is its catalog, which includes over 7,500 TV episodes and 500 films including productions of the company and its subsidiaries such as Marvel, a Pixar and the National Geographic. As if that weren't enough, Disney + will debut 30 original series and 15 new films in its first year (quite a fire).

Disney +

Unlike Apple TV +, however, Disney + was officially launched in only three countries today: United States, Canada and Netherlands (where it has been in testing since September). Even with all its glory, Disney decided to launch its service in a few countries initially to invest in the platform structure and avoid possible failures; nevertheless the news come Australia and New zealand next week (11/19).

In the US, the service costs $ 7 monthly or $ 70 annual. There is also a package option which brings together Disney +, Hulu and ESPN + for just $ 13 monthly.

At the Brazil, the service should debut only a year from now, in November 2020 (the official value of the signature here has not yet been disclosed); Although there is still plenty of time to go, some Disney + app titles already have subtitles and / or voiceovers in English.

Before launching on Tupiniquin lands, the Germany, a Spain, a France, a Ireland, a Italy it's the UK welcome in March next year there is still no information as to when the service will land in PortugalBut this is likely to occur soon after expansion to the above-mentioned European countries.

Looking forward to it?

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Disney +

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Version 1.1.6 (178.6 MB) Requires the iOS 11.0 or higher Unavailable in the Brazilian App Store!

via TechCrunch, UOL