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DiskDigger – What is it? What is it for? How to download?

How many times have you suffered from having permanently deleted any photographs or documents so important to your work or college? You may be very careful about your things, but what if it happens?

In such cases you can enjoy using a tool that restores and recovers lost files. Learn more about DiskDigger and what it can do for you, and understand how to use it easily!

What DiskDigger? What is it for?

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DiskDigger is the name of an application with Android version and available for Windows that can help you in those tightening moments to recover those lost files that were accidentally deleted. The program also goes for situations where you have just reformatted the memory card of your camera or even in the interest of viewing hidden files on an old USB drive.

DiskDigger is the perfect solution – from hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, CDS, DVDs to floppy disks!

Note that DiskDigger will not be able to recover data directly from Android or iOS devices that are connected to USB ports on your computer. To do this, you need to download the DiskDigger app for Android, ok?

A frequent question regarding the microSD card of the smartphone: Remove it and plug it directly into your computer using a card reader to scan using DiskDigger for Windows.

How does DiskDigger work?

DiskDigger has two modes of operation you can select the one that suits you the most every time you scan a disk:

Diggingdeep (digging deep, literally translated)

This mode allows the tool to undo the file system deletion process from disk, as in most of these systems there is no such disk cleanup which causes the file system to mark the item only as deleted, in Showing you more when you search.

That is, the mode will fetch deleted files from the file system so you can check and decide which one you want back as regular files.

Diggingdeeper (digging deeper, in translation)

This mode will scan all files on the disk regardless of the file system. Basically, DiskDigger verifies under the file system an additional advantage of the program in checking any free disk space outside the file system.

This scan can be quite time consuming as an entire hard drive can take several hours, while memory cards or USB drives may be quieter. Regardless of the time it takes for this scan, DiskDigger can be an important alternative for many situations.

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<h2>DiskDigger Download and Use</h2>
<p>The DiskDigger version for Windows can be downloaded on the official page of the tool, through the link:</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Already on Android systems, you just have to access the official app store of smartphone and search by program name and download it. From your mobile phone, you have to accept the app's permissions to access your device and storage resources.

It is necessary that on Google's mobile platform you get root on the system for the app to work.

To use simple DiskDigger:

  1. Run the program on the computer or smartphone,
  2. Click on one of the directories that are currently displayed, selecting the image and file extensions you want the program to find. Finish by clicking Ok,
  3. Then when DiskDigger finishes the service, you select what you want to save via the specific button,
  4. Choose which folder on your device or computer to save files to and tap Ok.

To view them, simply access this folder.

Remembering that the software supports dozens of audio, video, document and dll extensions on Windows, but on Android these extensions are a bit more limited (in the free version). Only by purchasing DiskDigger PRO can you enjoy all extensions without prohibitions.

The tip is that you can take advantage of DiskDigger on both your computer and Android for resolving one-off issues while taking advantage of the free trial version.

You can find other data recovery programs for Windows, but DiskDigger stands out for its ease of use and especially for being a very lightweight program.