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Discover the Smartphone Film Scanner, created to transform analog photos into digital ones

Digital photo technology has replaced photographic film for some time. Able to produce beautiful images that can be both printed and shared over the internet, there is no good reason why most users use analogue cameras instead of digital ones.

Smartphone Film Scanner, by Lomography

However, many photographic film enthusiasts and fans still use and abuse this ancient technology. To try to bring together the best of both worlds in one simple solution, Lomography's people created the Smartphone Film Scanner.

Very compact, the scanner works in a very simple way: just align your smartphone's camera with a hole in the device, rotate a 35mm film, capture the image through a special application and voile! Then you can share them via Twitter, Facebook, email and others.

Check out a promotional video:

Still in the fundraising phase, you can purchase the Smartphone Film Scanner by investing at least US $ 50 (+ US $ 10 for international shipping) in the project on your Kickstarter page.

(via Brainstorm9)