Discover the Gofind.Online app and easily find the product you want to buy

Discover the Gofind.Online app and easily find the product you want to buy

THE Gofind.Online It is a new app developed by Brazilians that brings the idea of ​​facilitating the search for certain products according to the users' location. So that you do not waste your time going from one establishment to another in search of the product you want, with the app it is enough that you inform what you want and the service indicates the nearest store where the product is available.

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Gofind.Online a startup catarinense and now comes with a big bet with an innovative solution to facilitate the purchase of products in Brazil and in the future in the world. The application already has more than 20,000 connected stores, detailed information on more than 5,000 products, dozens of industries and distributors integrated with the service.

The service also shows users the distance to the location, route options, telephone and opening hours. Multi-products are presented, that is, of any brand and region, medicines, drinks, food, bed, table, bath, etc. The app works by interconnecting the two market needs, connecting the user, desired product and the point of sale. Payment for products does not occur through the service, the app only lists physical stores for users.

To prove the importance of the app, a study by Nielsen, released in 2015, points out that in Brazil 61% of purchases are planned and 54% of consumers give priority to the type of brand and start shopping with the product already decided.

The Gofind.Online app is available for free for iOS and Android, and developers are already working to implement the service on other platforms. The launch of a web interface is scheduled for the second half of this year.