Discover the 10 favorite natural landscapes of Google Maps users in Lisbon and around the world

On February 6, Google Maps marked the 15th anniversary. After having shared with the world the 15 most impressive images in its catalog of 170 billion photos taken using the Street View feature, Google revealed the 10 most rated natural places in the Metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon and in the world.

The podium of the most valued natural sites in Portugal is led by Cabo da Roca, with 30,482 ratings. This is followed by the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais, with 32,518, and the Jardim da Fundao Calouste Gulbenkian, with 14,189 evaluations.

Google Maps, since 2005, is a help guide for navigating the world and has more than one billion users. Little by little, and following the pace of technological evolution, the creation of Google was replacing paper maps with digital versions, which also allow comments or evaluations to be made in a specific place in the world.

Altogether, Google receives more than 20 million ratings and reviews daily from restaurants, museums, public places and even natural landscapes. Users share their experiences with the world, whether positive or negative, and even some practical advice about the care to be taken when visiting a place.

As far as the world's most valued landscapes are concerned, Google reveals that Niagara Falls lead the ranking, with 90,240 to date. The second place is also occupied by some waterfalls, but this time those of Iguaçu, with 60,500 evaluations. Rock Beach, in India, with its curious natural rock formations, reached the third position, with 52,315 ratings.

To celebrate 15 years of existence, Google has also decided to bring some new features to the navigation application. Featured are five new main tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates. In addition, to follow the evolution of the application, the company refreshed the logo, keeping the pin as a common element over the years.

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