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Discover a platform that helps you organize and get rid of unnecessary emails in a practical way

If you are at least a little familiar with concepts of organization and productivity, you should know the term Inbox Zero. If not, I'll give you the basics: after drinking from the source of the book Getting Things Done (GTD, or The Art of Making It Happen), by David Allen, Merlin Mann created the philosophy of keeping your email inbox clean, to the point that there is nothing stressful about it.

This explanation is simple, but the intention is quite noble and works for those who manage to implement it. However, practicing the ideas may not be as easy as understanding the theory.

Fortunately, today there are many email clients whose rich resources make life easier for users, but there are times when even they cannot cope with the high demand of some people. If you handle a lot of emails or would like to boost your productivity even more, get to know the CleanEmail.

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<p>Instead of you always having to analyze your emails one by one and thus never reach the end of your list, the CleanEmail platform automatically analyzes everything and shows you only numbers and lists that we are used to seeing, such as "All Emails" , “Archived Emails”, “Drafts” and also lists that the team believed would help you with your organizational task, such as “Top Senders” (<em>Top Senders</em>), emails sent by non-existent accounts (the famous <em>"no reply"</em>), social media notifications, finance-themed emails, among many others.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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In these lists, you can see several emails grouped together and decide what to do with them whether to delete, archive, mark as read, as spam, move to the Inbox and all the actions that we normally have on email clients (with the exception of “ reply ”for that, I need to click on the email link and go to it). In the tab of each list, you can see exactly how many emails are there, as well as the space they occupy in a given list and the percentage of what those emails represent in your entire account (for example, social media notifications eat 14% of all the emails I've ever received).

The cat's jump, however, is on the flap "Quick Clean" (“Quick Clean”). In it, you can perform mass actions on several lists, such as “Move notification emails to the trash”, “Archive” all emails "no reply", tag a group of emails, etc.

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To prevent you from deleting or archiving any important emails, you can also add your co-workers (or company domain) at “Settings” “Coworkers”, as well as you can do the same with accounts of members of your family or friends in “Settings” “Friends and Family”. You can also ignore any address entirely when placing it in “Protected Emails” and you can choose how long you want to ignore, which is really great.

Filters are also great ways for you to find some email in the sea of ​​correspondence; it can be by time (year), address, labels, size and more.

Another asset of the platform is the way it values ​​the privacy of users. That is, under no circumstances are the contents or attachments of the emails accessed, or personal data are sold. Once emails are indexed, they only remain on the servers for 24 hours, in order for you to clean and organize all messages. After that time, all data is removed and cannot be recovered.

For now, only emails from Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo and Fastmail are supported, but more will be added soon. In addition, the platform is only available for access in browsers, that is, there are no applications yet; however, it is possible to view the site without problems in the desktop or mobile version.

CleanEmail is not a new email client, because it is not possible to answer anything for it; it was created specifically to help you organize everything you have in your email (even if they’re already on file) and get rid of everything you definitely don’t need, helping to keep only what matters and even save space on your account .

Interested? You can sign up for the site for free and clear up to 1,000 emails. After that, there are a few subscription options you can choose from: $ 8 / month (or $ 30 / year) to manage an email account, $ 10 / month (or $ 50 / year) for five accounts or $ 20 / month (or $ 100 / year) for ten accounts.