Discover 9 meditation apps for your smartphone

Discover 9 meditation apps for your smartphone

We have listed 9 meditation apps that teach this important practice to help calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety

In times of pandemic new coronavirus it has become a challenge to control stress and anxiety. People are even more concerned with several issues, ranging from health to the economy. This is a finding of World Health Organization (WHO), which sees a connection between the excess of information on the subject and the difficulty of predicting when the routine returns to normal. In the midst of this turmoil, our mind always seems to be full, right?

But there is a technique that can positively contribute to the individual and collective journeys of this and other moments: meditation. Meditating means quieting the mind and thoughts, creating internal tools that help fight stress and anxiety. Its practice allows you to develop skills such as concentration, focus and emotional intelligence.

One of the ways to practice this technique called guided meditation, that is, when conducted by another practitioner or by applications that give the correct instructions. And in this time of quarantine and social isolation, the smartphone you can be your great instructor in this practice!

Here in the Showmetech we downloaded and tested 9 apps for meditation to feel how they lessen the effects of stress and anxiety. Follow the result!


An introduction video, in Portuguese, welcomes you to the application through an explanation of what to train your mind. To have access to the training of this virtual academy, you need to register.

The home screen Lojong it has several meditation programs, with sets of exercises that must be practiced. One of them, Welcoming Anxiety, teaches how to see this feeling from a new perspective. The trainings are done by audio, which is an excellent idea to stimulate concentration and avoid pop-up notifications that appear at the top of the smartphone screen and that cause distraction.

You can pair your smartphone with a speaker to hear the guided meditation more clearly, and you can turn off the screen to keep your full attention. In the free version it is possible to practice guided meditation only when connected to the internet, while the paid subscription allows you to download the programs on your smartphone.

Meditation apps: LojongThe look of the Lojong app resembles one of the most famous board games: the Game of Life

Navigating the app Lojong you can also find videos, articles and quotes that help in understanding topics such as mindfulness, happiness and emotional balance. A positive point is the Timer function, a sound programmed to play during your meditation at a certain time. Just choose the time and press play.

In your profile created in the application there are the statistics of days, weeks and months when there was the practice of meditation. It is an interesting way to see its evolution over time.

Available on the App Store and Play Store.


The second, from the list of meditation apps, was the Meditopia. The request for immediate registration, which does not allow you to have much idea of ​​what is to come. After registering, the application requests the choice of up to three objectives from a list:

  • Improve sleep;
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety;
  • Learning the mindfulness technique
  • Manage relationships
  • Improve your performance
  • Developing physical health
Meditation apps: MeditopiaThe possibility to choose the type of sound one of Meditopia's strengths

When choosing these objectives, the application sets up a meditation program based on the objectives. After that, just choose the programs available and start your meditation practice. One of the most interesting features is the possibility to record your feelings and ideas after meditating. This makes retrieving memories a lot easier on other days.

O Meditopia offers a 7-day free trial period, and after that period it is necessary to activate the premium subscription that costs R $ 179.90 annually.

Available on the App Store and Play Store.


The app Calm begins with a very pertinent question: what led you to download this application? Answers such as increasing happiness, reducing anxiety and developing gratitude are among others. After answering the question, the application asks for a registration that can be done quickly if you share your Facebook data.

Meditation apps: Calm it is very easy to practice breathing exercises with the help of Calm

Unlike the meditation apps tested so far, this one has a background sound with the sound of water and birds singing. relaxing!

Calm has an area for you to write down your mood for the day, allowing future consultations. You will be able to see these notes in a calendar and even reflect on how you are feeling, a great tool for those in therapy. Another interesting point of this application is the Breathing Exercise. Just set the time to exercise and the screen tells you when to inhale, hold your breath and exhale, an excellent way to train people who, like me, have anxiety attacks.

The free application for testing for seven days, with more than 100 guided meditations on various topics, in addition to a library of stories that is renewed weekly. After this period, most resources will be available only in the form of a subscription.

Available on the App Store and Play Store.


O Headspace a popular guided meditation app. After completing your registration, you have access to the platform with the meditations and courses. One of the first highlights is the possibility to choose the gender of the voice of the narrator, which can be male or female. Thus, it facilitates the identification between the user and the application, in addition to facilitating the understanding of the words because of the narrator's accent and accent.

The content of Headpspace divided by tabs. In Explore, it is possible to choose the meditation theme. In Resisting the Storm, for example, there is a free selection of experiences to meditate, de-stress or improve sleep quality.

Meditation apps: HeadspaceHeadspace has a full flap with exercises and media that help improve sleep quality

Taking advantage of this, the next tab of the app is dedicated to sleep. In Sleeping, you will find podcasts to listen to at night, music to sleep, sounds of landscapes and other meditation exercises.

The last tab is dedicated to your results. In it, we can see the statistics and how the journey through the world of meditation has been carried out. The difference, however, is in Amigos, a space to share content with people you know.

O Headspace offers up to 2 weeks of free trial, and can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis. A family plan, charged annually, is also offered for up to 6 users.

Available on the App Store and Play Store.

Insight Timer

The fifth of the list of meditation apps tested is Insight Timer, which has 200 courses on topics such as anxiety, stress and sleep. New ones are added weekly, which increases the interest in using this tool.

An interesting point of this app is the possibility to see users around the world. A map shows where they are and how much they are. The moment I tested the Insight Timer, there were almost 7 thousand people using the application simultaneously.

Insight Timer he has more than 24 thousand meditations. To choose yours, simply select the theme through a set of filters: popular, benefits, practices and origins. Some meditations are in Portuguese from Portugal, which can make it difficult for people who are not used to the Portuguese accent to understand some terms.

If you are able to meditate alone, without the aid of guided meditation, you can start the timer for a predetermined time and add interval sounds, ambient sound and a final bell.

Meditation apps: Insight TimerCustomize the Timer of the Insight Timer app with the duration, interval bells, ambient sound and a final bell

One difficulty felt was in the loading time of the courses page. Even with a fast internet, it took a few seconds to load. And as a positive point, it was not necessary to register to access the main content.

All the content of the app is available for free accounts, and paid accounts allow you to listen to the content offline, start where you left off and high quality audio.

Available for App Store and Play Store.

Prana Breath

Unlike what was seen in other meditation apps, Prana Breath already starts with a breathing exercise. Great! The initial screen is not very inviting, but the curiosity in pressing the Play button was greater and starting the test in this way was very positive.

When you slide the screen down, you notice the existence of other exercises: relax, calm, energize, harmonize, anti-stress, anti-appetite and stop smoking.

The look of Prana Breath very minimalist, with a predominance of white and gray scales. For those who do not like excessive colors and images, going straight to the point, this is the ideal application. However, this excess of minimalism makes navigation a little confusing for those who are not used to meditating, like me! Therefore, I was unable to understand the features of the Control tab.

Meditation apps: Prana BreathThe minimalist look of the Prana Breath app pleases, but some menus are difficult to understand

But I liked the following, Experincia. There, you can see how much you have practiced in each proposed exercise, see your progress and track how these results affect health.

And in Motivators, you can add reminders for you to practice meditation exercises. There are 19 pre-configured, making it possible to include them on the desired day and time.

The free version is fully functional, and the paid version of the application removes advertisements and enables greater control over the settings of the meditation programs, allowing to keep the screen off, among others.

Available on the Play Store.


The application Zen begins with a question: what is your main objective today? You choose one of eight options that are presented. The next screen invites the user to test seven free days and sign a plan, in order to free access to the application's content.

As a way of attracting our attention, some of the content of Zen as programs, podcasts, music, series and stories are signed by well-known names. the case of Mari Moon, Monja Coen, Cid Moreira and Juliana Goes.

Meditation apps: ZenFamous names sign up for Zen apps

The meditation section comes in the middle tab of the application. The timeline comes with several options, all properly described. One of them, Em Tempos Fácil, talks about the current moment of contagion by the new coronavirus.

It is interesting that the user is able to know, in detail, how a certain subject will be addressed. Thus, there is no need to start listening to the audio to find out if there is or in the interest.

A free tab lists the content that can be accessed at any time, free of charge. Just select the theme and listen. And one of the differentials of audio Zen they are the forward or backward buttons 15 seconds, facilitating the recovery of focus during meditation.

Available on the App Store and Play Store.

Five minutes

Five minutes has that name because it comes with meditations of this duration. It is an initiative of the organization Mos Without Borders, whose objective is to spread the benefits of meditation in a practical, simple and effective way.

The application provides options for activities, such as Guided Meditation. When pressing the Play button in the first option, a meditation in Spanish was started. There is the translation, which needs to be read, but meditating with my eyes open did not seem like a good idea.

Meditation Apps: Five MinutesThe content of Five Minutes exactly so that you take this time to meditate

As the App itself explains, only 5 minutes a day is enough for the welfare benefits to be achieved. It was not exactly the feeling I had in a week of testing, but it can fit according to the lifestyle of each user.

Available on the App Store and Play Store.


Following the same premise of the previous application, Meditate It is based on the principle that a few minutes a day will be enough to meditate. But before I start testing, I need to create an account.

Here is a note: unlike what was seen in other apps, there was no possibility to link the account Meditate with social networks or Google account. The positive point is that the registration has only three fields and is very quick to fill.

Once registered, a timeline appears with several options to choose from. The first is inviting for those who do not have the practice: an introduction to meditation. There are seven sessions! When selecting your meditation, the application takes advantage of the internet connection to download the audio. Therefore, it is possible to listen to it without the need to be connected and thus save data when you are on the street.

Another positive point of the application Meditate its simplicity. In addition to the meditation page, you can find your profile with the results obtained. And one of the ways to encourage the user is through the achievement of stamps, as when the first five meditations are finished.

You can also share the results and even invite your friends to try the app.

Meditation apps: Meditate yourselfA timeline helps you find the meditations and exercises you need

Available on the App Store and Play Store.

Verdict: There are meditation apps for all audiences. You can take advantage of free trial periods to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. With enough practice and dedication, you can get to know yourself better and learn to have self-control through meditation. Worth the effort!