Discover 10 widgets that will make your Notification Center more useful

Many of you were very excited about our article on the Launcher and there were even several good suggestions in the comments, so we decided to put together some applications that may interest many. Anyone who is a reader of iThing Magazine already knows some, but we will publish an even more complete list here. ?

One of the great new features of iOS 8 was the possibility of installing “parts” of applications directly in the Notification Center. Apple called it widgets and allowed developers to create new features for them, who responded with enthusiasm and today you can find several options on the App Store that allow us to add new things, easily accessible. Check below our selection of 10 very useful examples for you to try; but remember that this can consume your battery more, as many use the constant update in the background.

1 – Wdgts

This app is a “all in one“, Which offers several widgets for different functionalities, such as showing the battery status, the device’s memory, your network, as well as providing a calculator, a currency converter and a calendar. It is worth testing it through this link, as well as another similar one, called Orby Widgets.


2 – N Stats

This app shows you, in real time, how much RAM you have available (which directly influences system speed), internal disk space and network connections (download and upload). (free – link)

N Stats widgets

3 – Data Widget

This widget shows you how much you have already spent on your data franchise with your operator. It’s not perfect, but it can give you a sense of how much data you can still spend on the month. It automatically clears the statistics on the day you close your invoice. ($ 1.99 – link)

CellData widgets

4 – iTranslate

Fantastic. Translates words or phrases that are on the clipboard. (free – link)


5 – Swarm

For those who like to check-in in places with the old Foursquare (now Swarm), this widget makes life easier, without even having to open the app. (free – link)

6 – Pedometer ++

Want to know how many steps you’ve taken today without even having to unlock your iPhone? Then you will love this widget. (free – link)


7 – Cheatsheet

This app is interesting and can be very useful for some and useless for others. Do you know when you go to the gym and always forget your registration number to include on the computer? Or the complicated password for the college’s Wi-Fi network? This widget allows you to put small reminders in the Notification Center, those that only you know what it is about. (free – link)


8 – Clear

The great reminder app also provides a quick preview in the Notification Center. Very practical. ($ 4.99 – link)


9 – App in the Air

For travelers, this app easily provides information for your flight. (free – link)


10 – Hours Time Tracking

It allows you to record the time that a task or event took to complete. Ideal for freelancers or professionals who charge per hour of work. ($ 6.99 – link)