Disassemble the 7th generation iPad

Disassembly of the new iPad confirms 3GB of RAM and reveals new layout of magnets [atualizado: vídeo]

The week was a heavy one for iFixit: after dismantling the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, 44mm and 40mm Apple Watch Series 5, the repair firm finally got its hands on the latest product recently launched by Apple: the 7th generation iPad, with 10.2 inch screen.

As expected, no significant changes were found inside – even so, the dissection of the new tablet could confirm some speculation and bring some news about the internal design implemented by Apple in its equipment.

IFixit was able to confirm that the new iPad has 3GB RAM, an increase of 1GB compared to the memory of its predecessor. In addition, the firm found that the tablet has a battery identical to that of the sixth-generation iPad (32.9Wh), even though the internal space of the new model is slightly larger due to the growth of the screen – at least, Apple managed to maintain the battery time the same between generations (10 hours).

Disassemble the 7th generation iPad

Returning to the changes, an X-ray analysis showed a new internal organization of the magnets at the edges of the new iPad – perhaps, as iFixit speculated, to better accommodate the Smart Keyboard, since this is the first time that the input tablet brings a Smart Connector. Speaking of which, the cables connected to the connector have been redesigned and are no longer stuck under the battery, which is glued to the housing.

Overall, the process of opening the iPad is still quite laborious. It is necessary to apply heat to the edges of the tablet to cut the adhesive that connects the screen to the housing, and basically all the internal components are glued together (battery replacement is particularly prickly); nevertheless, iFixit praised the easy-to-replace, non-laminated LCD panel. In the end, the new iPad received a note 2 (in 10 possible points) in the firm’s “reparability” index.

Update, for Rafael Fischmann Sep 30, 2019 at 13:52

IFixit has now released a video of teardown: