Disassembling iMac Pro Reveals Difficulty Accessing Your RAM, But Opens Potential for Further Upgrades

Although the iMac Pro remain an all-in-one Mac (all-in-one), sealed, we recently announced that your RAM can be updated at Apple Stores and Authorized Service Centers.

And now we know why.

IFixit has not yet put its hands on the machine to make its traditional teardown, so who came out in front was Other World Computing (OWC), which sells upgrade kits for Macs of all types.

First of all, here's the video from unboxing made by them:

And here, yes, the disassembly itself:

The complexity of upgrades in iMacs already begins in the first step, which is to take your screen off the front.

To do this, I need to carefully remove an adhesive that runs across the side of the glass and then use suction cups to carefully suspend it from cracking anything.

Inside, the process is more of analysis and patience to disconnect the necessary cables and gradually remove the screws.

The whole magic is on the other side of the logic board, where are the four slots DDR4 2,666MHz memory DIMM.

The 32GB entry model comes with four 8GB combs each.

But this teardown It clearly shows that it may not only be the RAM that may be updated in the future.

Apple uses two 512GB RAID SSDs to form a 1TB drive, also easily accessible, and even the CPU, though glued, is likely to be replaced.

OWC has already announced that it will offer a RAM upgrade service for the iMac Pro (64GB and 128GB), most likely at much lower prices than officially charged by Apple.