Disappointed with design, German publication turns iPhone SE into “iPhone 6 SE”

Disappointed with design, German publication turns iPhone SE into “iPhone 6 SE”

No doubt: iPhone SE It is a hell of a technical / specification apparatus. After all, Apple practically took an iPhone 6s (mixed with some iPhone 6 components) and placed it inside an iPhone 5s body. But just that (body of a 5s) that has bothered some people. Many, like me, hoped and hoped that Apple would make a miniaturization of the iPhone 6s (including the design). This is not what happened.

As much as we're talking about a beautiful, well-finished, quality casing, it's a 2013 design. Let's combine that three years in the tech market is practically a lifetime! 😜

Turning an iPhone SE into a

The folks at COMPUTER BILD It is within this group that did not agree with Ma's choice of design for the new appliance and decided to get their hands dirty in order to change that. What they did? They bought a (fake) Chinese case from a 4-inch iPhone 6 and did a full organ transplant, turning the device into a “IPhone 6 SE”

The result, you can see from the video above and the images that illustrate this article.

Needless to say, this is highly difficult and complex. Definitely not anyone who has the ability to completely disassemble such a device and put all the parts back in another case even more different from the original. The probability of you doing something stupid is just huge!

But if you're brave or have an out-of-warranty iPhone (obviously not an iPhone SE unless you're reading this post in the future) and with the shell destroyed, the idea doesn't sound so absurd anymore

(via Cult of Mac)