Direct X 11 no Linux

DirectX 11 will have Linux support through CodeWeavers

New CrossOver Release Promises Bring DirectX 11 Compatibility to Linux

The sea of ​​games is fishy for the Linux side. As long as last week CryEngine for Linux was announced, it has now been announced that Linux will soon have support running on more current machines with DirectX 11 support. Direct X 11 on Linux

Who likes to play through PlayOnLinux thanks

This is all because CrossOver has DirectX 11 support by the end of this year. Those who prefer Wine can enjoy this official compatibility in a shorter time after the version that will be used in CrossOver is ready.

Remember that Wine already has DirectX 9 support, but newer games no longer support such version. But versions 10 and 11 could only be installed "by means of the gambiarra".

James Ramey Codeweavers
James Ramey

DirectX was the stumbling block for Linux users when it comes to playing Windows games via Wine or Corssover. Since version 1.17 of Wine and kernel 3.15, its gaming power has been increasing and many Windows applications run naturally on Linux (few are those that do not work well by such means); However, when it comes to games, the picture changes because an extremely complicated situation on the engineering side. Now more Windows games will run on Linux and developers will easily package them with compatibility to provide official support.

James Ramey, the president of CodeWeavers (the company that develops CrossOver), said in his blog that "Even though these enhancement implementations seem small, the cumulative enhancements to CrossOver game support will allow many to run these games as soon as they are released."

James also states that in the coming months, DirectX 11 support will bring better control support and vastly improved GPU performance.

With DirectX 11 support in Wine and CorssOver, users will be able to celebrate yet another victory and will have access to the full list of native Windows games, which could then only be accessed using the Microsoft platform.

What about Direct X 12?

All very good, but what about the DX12? We know that Microsoft is preparing the new generation of its API that will be incorporated with Windows 10, the good news that Vulkan is being developed to be the new generation of OpenGL promises to compete side by side with DX12.

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