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Director responsible for Windows Phone criticizes iOS and Android: "One is a mess and the other is bland"

Windows wants to be the best in the market talking bad about competitors?

Terry Myerson scorns rivals

I read this news this morning and no matter how hard I tried my brain was saying, "Right, your Windows Phone is wonderful!".

Actually opinions are opinions, but we are convinced that Microsoft does not have the market position to say something like that?

The news at a glance:

Windows Phone vs Android vs iPhone

At the conference All Things D. organized by The Wall Street JournalTerry Myerson, one of the top Windows Phone marketers, commented at the event that iOS, the operating system that controls iPhones and iPads is very tedious and never new, and Android was very messy "very open" and because of that. Very poorly organized.

My opinion, but I think this Microsoft should stop talking bullshit and do something that pays off!

And you reader, what do you think of the statement, is he right?

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