Directly from Australia: first impressions and photos of the new MacBook

On March 10, Apple announced the new MacBook. That's right, without suffixes: just “MacBook”. And today I had the opportunity to personally try it out here in Australia, just like I did recently with the Apple Watch.

The new model is available in three colors, all with a very beautiful design (especially space gray, in my opinion). The gold should also please many, since it is also new, as well as the traditional silver.

The first thing I thought of when I saw it in person: it is even smaller and lighter than the 11-inch MacBook Air, despite having a 12-inch screen. And the numbers of the technical specifications prove this: while the 11 ″ Air has 1.7x30x19.2cm and 1.08kg, the new MacBook has 1.31 × 28.05 × 19.65cm and 0.92kg.

Both the keyboard and the screen have virtually no borders. The new slimmer keyboard, however, you still feel the feedback from the keys, as opposed to a touchscreen. But it takes a little getting used to. The Retina display on a smaller / lighter notebook is very welcome, further reinforcing my theory that Apple could abandon the MacBook Air as soon as the new model shows good sales figures.

Since it has no fan, it is completely silent mainly due to its new logic board. In theory, it will never heat up.

The Force Touch trackpad is also very cool and useful, and, as I already said in another post, I can't wait to see this technology coming to iPhones.

Opening websites on Safari, browsing folders and performing simpler tasks, he proved to be very fast. But when I tried to open iMovie (which is heavy, but it doesn't compare to other software like Final Cut Pro, for example), it took a long time. If you need to edit videos, run games or perform any other task that requires more performance, this MacBook is definitely not for you.

In addition to the processor being an Intel Core M (and not the i7 series as we used to see on other models), it also has an Intel HD Graphics 5300 video card (while the others have a 6000 or higher). But that makes perfect sense: the strategy of keeping the MacBook Pro for "Power-users" and the new MacBook for doing simple things, giving away a long battery life and an extremely portable and lightweight machine.

What was missing, in my opinion: a USB-C port on the right, including an adapter for the traditional USB in the box and the Touch ID sensor, which would be another reason to make sales of this MacBook take off. However, I think that all this polemics about the absence of doors will end in a while. Or do you still see someone complaining that notebooks no longer have an optical drive?

Conclusion: as soon as more powerful processors can be included in this case and other devices start using the USB-C port by default, we can consider this new MacBook ideal. It is very likely that, soon, other notebooks on the market will follow this pattern as it happened with the MacBook Air.

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If you prefer, check out my first impressions on video:

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