UDE (Ubuntu Diolinux Edition)

This is nothing more than a Ubuntu 12.04 Remaster made by me, and with the programs I use most often. As it takes a long time to reinstall all programs in a possible format. I created this live-DVD (due to the size of the ISO) with all programs installed in the best plug and play style.

A brief description of what we have here:

Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity as Graphical Interface (2D and 3D)

With all updates at 06/04/2012 at 17:00 hours

Kernel 3.2.0-24-generic 64 Bits

The entire System base has been retained, and some packages have been added and some removed for optimization.

If you want to know more about the system keep reading, if you don't have patience you can click here

Software / Packages removed.

  • Rhytmbox (Music Player)
  • Lens Vdeo (Ubuntu Dash Video Search)
  • DejaDup (Backup and Restore)
  • unity-scope-musicstores (useless for my use)
  • Bluetooth monitoring process disabled (Since my computer does not have these devices)
  • gnome-online-accounts (Unused by Me)
  • Gwibber (Microblogging client, too heavy for his job in my opinion)
  • Emphaty (Messenger client, replaced by Pidgin)

If you want to recover or reinstall (or undo) any modifications, or even increase the optimization take a look at this post (how to optimize Ubuntu)

Added Software / Packages

  • Furius Mount ISO (Daemon Tools ISO Style Assembler)
  • Weather Indicator
  • BlueFish Editor (Programming)
  • Inkscape (Vector Graphic)
  • GIMP 2.8 (Photoshop-style graphical editor, same with single window)
  • Google Chrome (Browser)
  • Pidgin (IM Standard Client)
  • Torrent Search
  • Skype (Communication about this protocol)
  • Acid Riper (DVD Ripper)
  • Audacity (Audio Editor)
  • Arista Transcoder (Video Converter)
  • Sound Converter
  • Open Shot (Video Editor)
  • VLC Media Player (Multimedia Player)
  • Clementine (Standard JukeBox instead of Rhytmbox)
  • Open JDK 7 (the "Java Open Source")
  • Gnome-tweak-tool (Configuration and Customization Tool)
  • Ubuntu-Tweak (Configuration Tool, allows you to add a desktop show button in Unity toolbar for example)
  • Mount Manager (Mount Windows parties)
  • NTFS-CONFIG (A complementary option for mounting Windows parties)
  • Synaptic (Package Manager, an old acquaintance)
  • Indicator Keys (CAPS, NUM and SCROLL LOCK Indicator)
  • VirtualBox with USB Extended Pack (Virtual Machine)
  • Wine (Run Windows programs on Linux)
  • Wine Tricks (A WINE add-on to download some tens needed to run some programs)
  • Gdebi (Graphic Installer of .deb Packages)
  • Ubuntu restricted Extras (To get Ubuntu ready to play all kinds of media, mp3, avi, etc …)
  • Remastersys itself for anyone who wants to make their own modification.
  • Tweaks to some Gedit plugins to open faster and some nautilus scripts to make it easy to create shortcuts in Ubuntu.

The (.ISO) file is hosted on Google Drive with approximately 1.6 GB.

just a customization, I didn't change nor the default wallpaper, just the boot screen and the name on installation by pure Ego same = P.

I hope you enjoy it and have saved them some time installing Software.

NOTE: Since GDrive cannot check for viruses due to file size you will need to click "download anyway" or "download anyway" to download.

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