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Diolinux Mobile – Take Diolinux with You [Atualizado]

I am doing this repost because we have modified our App a little bit, now it looks cleaner, the main thing about its appearance in the software but also a small tweak on Twitter, in the previous version it showed the Tweets of my personal profile on Twitter @ dionatanvs, in the new version the link points to the Twitter Blog Profile @blogdiolinux.

Follows the original post:

android and ios After a while of development and after going through a systematic and algorithmic trial and error method with great pleasure we announced the mobile version on Diolinux.

As Smartphones and Tablets are becoming increasingly popular we have also embarked on this wave. The app is completely free, so we had to open a micro space for advertising, nothing that hinders the productivity of the App.Meet Diolinux Mobile!

Thanks to the Universe Site we were able to create a Multiplatform App with versions for Android, iPhone and Java (to be compatible with most phones).


With Diolinux Mobile you:

  • Find out about the latest Blog posts through the system RSS Feed
  • You can enjoy Diolinux's Facebook page posts (and laugh)
  • Can see all blog tweets
  • And still see the videos selected by us on the YouTube Blog Channel
  • Can share topics of interest more easily
  • And you still get a link so you can develop your application yourself.

diolinux on android

Diolinux on Facebook

diolinux on android

So, did you like it? Want to download the App to your Smartphone?

Click the link below and choose your system (Android / iPhone / Java) and stay informed!

download "src =" http://1.bp.blogspot/-FuZ1to2gnpg/UDLPvM7IAbI/AAAAAAAABQ/pTcPk9DOowE/s1600/download.png


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