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Dimple: Accessory adds physical buttons to your Android

Most devices Android Newer ones do not have physical buttons, which displeases some users who miss more tactile references. With this in mind, an American company created Dimple, a sticker that has four buttons that work through NFC. They can be customized to obey various commands.

dimple androidAccessory adds physical buttons to your Android / Dimple

Dimple compatible with Android 4.0+ devices that have NFC (with the exception of HTC One and M8, because the metallic cover disturbs its operation). It will be available in black, white and purple, and requires no advanced knowledge for its installation. In addition to making no permanent modifications to the device, the user can fix it wherever they prefer. Another advantage that Dimple doesn't need Wi-Fi to work as it uses NFC technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

dimple android2User can set functions for new buttons on his device / Dimple

Through this app, the user can define what functions each button of his sticker will perform. For example, the user can set Dimple physical buttons to activate the camera, music, apps like Facebook or turn on the flashlight. See the video below to better understand how Dimple works.

Like the idea? Dimple will still be launched through a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo on May 6th. The creators of the accessory say that the first units will be sent to consumers who join the campaign in August this year. The minimum donation to receive Dimple will be US $ 15. And you, what did you think of this new way to add physical buttons to your Android?

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