Dilma sanctions Provisional Measure 690 and ends with tax exemption for computer products

The year started out difficult for us Brazilians. The president Dilma Rousseff sanctioned (with seven vetoes) the Provisional Measure 690 (now Law 13,241), published in the Official Directory of the Union on December 31, 2015), which increases taxes on hot alcoholic drinks (such as cachaa, wine, usque, etc.) and computer products (such as smartphones, tablets, computers, among others) ).

In the case of beverages, the IPI (tax on industrialized products) is now calculated as a rate (10% to 30%) on the value of the product; before, the tax was a fixed amount. Just as an example, a national wine of R $ 50.00 paid R $ 0.73 of IPI per bottle; now, with a 10% tax, the tax rises to R $ 5.00.

In the case of computer products, the law revokes the previous legislation that exempts the payment of PIS (Social Integration Program) and Cofins (Contribution to the Financing of Social Security) on certain items such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and routers. It was a measure of digital inclusion by the government, but, as the current economic crisis, this was left out.

Speaking specifically of Apple, it is quite capable of seeing reflections of this law in products like AirPorts and / or some accessories; Apple iPhones and notebooks no longer fit the old Law of Good, since they are sold for values ​​(well) above R $ 1,500.00.

The objective of this, of course, is to raise revenue and the expectation that the changes will generate additional revenues of R $ 7.7 billion this year. Recalling that Provisional Measure 668, which increases PIS / Cofins (from 9.25% to 11.75%) on imported products, was recently sanctioned by the president (Law 13.137).

(via Folha de S.Paulo, State)

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