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Digital Transit Wallet (CDT) Earns CNH Expiration Feature | Productivity

CDT is an application that revises the digital versions of both the Enabling and Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV), popularly known as the "vehicle document". Developed by Serpro, the free app replaces the paper versions of both documents and is available in all states and the Federal District for anyone who already has the documentation in the traditional format.

Among the advantages of the application is the possibility of replacing the printed version, as it has the same legal value. The documents are always offline and can be used in blitz, which can save the user from paying a fine of $ 88.38, take three points in the wallet and have the vehicle retained for driving without holding the license.

Authenticity can be verified by the Vio app (formerly called Lynx), which is able to read the QR Code generated by the Digital Wallet app. The CDT can also generate a PDF version of the digitally signed driver and vehicle documents that have the same validity as a cartridge-authenticated physical copy.