Digital Traffic Wallet gains Face ID compatibility; check out other updated apps

Digital Traffic Wallet gains Face ID compatibility; check out other updated apps

How about getting some interesting news from famous and widely used apps from the App Store?

Digital Traffic Wallet

Digital Wallet app icon

We have already committed to the site that it is possible to issue your CNH Digital without going to Detran.

When you do this, the digital document is protected in the app by a four digit numeric password; Now you can finally use Touch / Face ID to enter the app, without ever having to type the password. 😉

Itaucard and Credicard

Itaucard - Credit Card app icon

Credicard - Credit Card app icon

Speaking of Touch / Face ID protection, Ita's two credit card applications have also gained that, making things a lot easier for those with a bank card.


Firefox web browser app icon

Browser version 15.0 has gained a very good improvement related to private browsing: now, if you were browsing it and leaving the app, you will continue to stay in private mode, keeping your preference.

There are also a few different options for organizing tabs (you can choose to open new tabs with your favorites list, top Pocket sites and stories, a recent history list, a custom URL, or a blank page) . To complete, you can rearrange the tabs by tapping and dragging them to and fro.


Gboard the Google Keyboard app icon

The simple upgrade, but greatly improves the experience of those who prefer to use the Google keyboard on an iOS device: now the app has tactile feedback when pressing the keys (enable the settings option).

It has also gained compatibility with Lao and Mongolian languages, as well as features optimized to reduce its size.


SmartGym app icon: Manage Your Workout

One of the most complete apps for those who want to keep track of their series, weight and everything else related to training, SmartGym has gained a lot of updating, starting with the smart fill feature (by adding a new exercise, the app analyzes all your history sheets and past history (if you have done the exercise before, he suggests the values ​​to you).

But the news doesn't stop there, just check out: besides sharing your bookmarks as a SmartGym file, you can now share them as a picture and / or text; exercises now have illustrative images in the exercise list; the watchOS app now shows the next series (if different from the current one) during timer rest and the iOS app now has timer for exercises that have duration of execution.

To top it all off, we also have auto-complete password, credentials stored in iCloud Keychain and Apple Watch vibration even if No Disturb mode is enabled.