Digital School: Universal access to computers and internet next year will cost 400 million euros

Digital School: Universal access to computers and internet next year will cost 400 million euros

The measure had already been advanced by Antnio Costa after a Council of Ministers today confirmed the authorization of an expenditure of 400 million euros to equip schools with digital media, namely computers, connectivity and related services to make public schools available, to run in the years 2020 and 2021.

The investment was already foreseen in the Stabilization Program and will "provide schools, teachers and students for the development of digital skills in school work", explained the Minister of Education, Tiago Brando Rodrigues, who recalls that these are essential for "a better world" digital, for the economy, and also for employment ".

The value will be distributed between 2020 and 2021 and the measure will be implemented in different phases. "In a first phase, infrastructural level is expected to acquire computers, connectivity, licenses and software for public schools, in order to make these resources available to students and teachers, giving priority to students covered by the school, until universal use is gradually achieved. ", detailed the minister.

It is intended that public schools have the necessary means for students and teachers to access and use digital didactic and educational resources.

The stabilization program also aims to "develop a plan for the digital training of teachers" and "to increase the production of a set of new digital resources and also to dematerialize physical resources such as school textbooks".

The covid-19 pandemic forced the last months of the 2019/20 academic year to be concluded with the use of distance learning, and given the uncertainty that still exists about the progress of the new coronavirus, the Government is preparing the start of the next year cautiously. The idea is to ensure that schools can operate in a mixed model, combining classroom and distance learning, which justifies the need for rapid implementation of these measures.