Gartner: Digital music is the future

Digital music is the future

Gartner: Digital music is the future

The time to buy CDs is now. Gartner estimates that after this Christmas, a little bit of the industry will die thanks to the strong public support for digital music.

Placing CDs as a primary source of revenue is, in the opinion of the consultant, one of the biggest mistakes of record labels. Gartner believes that the trend is on the opposite path and that companies should shape new strategies that place the digital market and distribution at the top of revenue sources. online.

According to a study published by Gartner, the bet on the business of physical music sales, through the CD, attributes to the publishers part of the blame for the high piracy rates. This is because, the record companies end up not assuming the change of the times and the type of the current market, which demands a reformulation that guides sales to the digital world.

The CD market has been declining significantly in recent years and, in the United States alone, the drop reached 77 percent in 2007 after 91 percent in 2005.