Digital manuals will be a reality in 10 Portuguese schools next school year

Digital manuals will be a reality in 10 Portuguese schools next school year

With the first phase of national high school exams still in progress, there has been a lot of news about the next school year and Escola Digital has been one of the focuses. This time, the government announced that in September it will go ahead with digital school textbooks in a group of ten schools, at a time when it will be possible to try to dematerialize the textbooks already in that month.

The guarantee was given by the Secretary of State for Education Joo Costa Rdio Renascena, referring to a "transition that is not experimentalistic and that was prepared with training for what may be obstacles. The objective is to achieve the most positive results possible. , taking into account that, as he says, if, for example, the teacher himself is not able to fully exploit the capabilities of digital resources, they may be either relatively useless or even not a good substitute for paper.

The truth is that the group of ten schools is on a list that Joo Costa guarantees is not yet closed. However, it is already known that it will have different geographic contexts, different socioeconomic scenarios for the implementation of the school itself. The Secretary of State even assumes that a dematerialization of the manuals could be attempted already in September, to "also serve as a little test tube for the scaling for all groups in a progressive way.

400 million for universal access to computers in the next school year

Joo Costa's announcement follows a confirmation from the government last week in the area of ​​education. At the time, the official authorization of an expenditure of 400 million euros to equip schools with digital media, namely computers, connectivity and related services to make public schools available, to be carried out in the years 2020 and 2021, became known.

The investment was already foreseen in the stabilization program and will "provide schools, teachers and students for the development of digital skills in school work", explained the Minister of Education, Tiago Brando Rodrigues. The value will be distributed between 2020 and 2021 and the measure will be implemented in different phases.

In an interview with Rdio Renascena, Jorge S Couto, who manages the JP Group and who "exploded" with the impetus given by Jos Scrates' government with the Magalhes laptop, considers that "Portugal will return to this area again", making reference to digitization. The view of the national company that "creation and productivity is important, and this is only possible with a computer.