Digital death to save children victims of AIDS

Can the death of famous personalities on social media help save children with the AIDS virus? At least this was the idea promoted by singer Alicia Keys in a campaign that started yesterday.

Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Justin Timberlake are some of the celebrities who joined the ‘Keep a Child Alive’ initiative, participating in advertising posters that appear in coffins and in a video that we reproduce below.

postersThe aim of the campaign is to collect donations worth $ 1 million to help the 15 million children in Africa and India who have been orphaned by the AIDS virus, many of whom are also infected.

Defending that there is a difference between living and being alive, the celebrities who joined the campaign opted to sacrifice their digital lives and presence on social networks until the goal of 1 million dollars has been reached.

There are no more tweets, no Facebook posts or responses to fans until the goal is met. The fans must “buy” their idols’ lives back.

In the United States, interested parties can make donations via SMS to donate 10 dollars. The campaign is also available in the UK by credit card.

So far, contributions have exceeded $ 160,000.

See also the video promoting the initiative.