Didn't like the iOS 9 lowercase keyboard? You can go back to how it was before

Didn't like the iOS 9 lowercase keyboard? You can go back to how it was before

Since iOS 7, with the change in the look of its mobile operating system, Apple has been criticized for confusing users about the Shift () of the virtual keyboard is enabled or not. She tried to improve this on iOS 8, but it was only now, on 9, that things went as they should.

In iOS 9, the keys themselves are tiny when the Shift it is not activated we showed it well in our first compilation of screenshots of it. But the key itself Shift it has also been improved, jumping from a gray color with only black outline (when disabled) to a black color with the arrow all painted black (when activated).

Despite the super welcome change, in practice there are people who didn’t like it because during typing the quick exchange between upper and lower case letters on the virtual keyboard can give a feeling of “shaking” or flickering. Fortunately, there is a way to keep letters always in capital letters.

IOS 9 keyboardBefore and after

To do this, go to Settings General Accessibility Keyboard and uncheck the option “Show Keys in Minsulas” as shown in the screenshot below:

IOS 9 keyboardOpo to go back to how it was before

There, now you can experiment if you prefer one way or the other.

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Taking advantage of the fact that we are talking about the iOS 9 virtual keyboard, it is worth remembering another feature that Apple had promised to everyone but that was “capped” in the final version: turning it into a kind of trackpad using two fingers on it, to facilitate moving the typing cursor.

IOS 9 keyboardSo the keyboard is with two fingers positioned on it

As shown in the screenshot above, the feature was kept as it was in the beta versions of iOS 9 on iPads, but was disabled on iPhones to become an exclusive novelty of the 6s / 6s Plus models.

Apple probably was not satisfied with the users' experience with the feature in the beta phase and preferred to restrict the feature by using the new 3D Touch screen, so it now works with pressure on the keyboard on the new iPhones. But whoever used it before will certainly not agree with her at all to do what? : – /

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