Did your first generation Watch take off? Know that Apple is now repairing the watch for free!

Did your first generation Watch take off? Know that Apple is now repairing the watch for free!

Some users of First generation Apple Watch they were unfortunate enough to see their precious little watches abruptly dismount. I explain: the back (the round one that has sensors for heart rate monitoring and inductive charging) of some units of the smartwatch simply detached many times when removing the watch from the magnetic charger, exposing the entrails of the gadget.

This happened at least with two readers of , as we can see in the images below.

Apple Watches by Isadora Santos It's from Jacone Piucco, readers and participants of MM Tours V and IV, respectively

Boring, huh? Without a doubt. The good news is that Apple is now fixing the watches that presented this problem at least according to the company's internal service policy obtained by MacRumors. In practice, we are talking about a replacement program that extends Apple Watch coverage / warranty from one to three years after the original purchase date. That is, if you purchased an Apple Watch in his release in April 2015 and he had the defect, you have until April 2018 to repair it free of charge at an Apple store or at an Authorized Service Center.

Still according to the MacRumors, the service policy has been in effect since last year and applies to any model of the first generation watch (Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Herms). As always, if you paid to fix this issue on your watch, you can contact Apple support to request a refund.

O confirmed, with its own source, that assistance of the type is already being carried out even here in Brazil.

If you purchased an Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2 (second generation devices), do not worry: everything indicates that Apple started using a stronger sticker so that it does not happen anymore. 😉