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Did you know that you can watch rented YouTube movies on Apple TV?

The menu of options for watching movies online legally, always worth mentioning has never been greater. If you do not find the title you want in the usual suspects (ie Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or HBO GO), the way to go to the two most famous digital stores in the world: the iTunes Store or Google Play, which have recently sold / rented films also under the YouTube banner.

For Apple TV users, the first option is undoubtedly more convenient, of course, since the set-top box of Ma is naturally integrated into your store and the purchases you make are always reproduced in maximum quality and with all the benefits brought by the platform, such as assistance from Siri. The problem: Often, the movie you want to watch is cheaper on YouTube. And do the streaming your Mac /iGadget AirPlay can be a complicated or inconvenient option in some cases.

Fortunately, a little-known option is available to users: yes, it is possible to play movies purchased and rented from YouTube through his app for tvOS!

Movies rented on YouTube to watch on Apple TV

There is no secret or secret step to make the functionality appear, just that the account in which you made the purchase or rent the title, either through the web or on your mobile device, or the same one that is connected to the YouTube app on Apple TV ; the films in question will appear in Shopping Library.

The main advantage, in addition to the ease of it all, is that YouTube is often cheaper than the iTunes Store for similar movies. In a quick survey of six titles, only two of them (the Brazilian “Aquarius” and the animation “O Touro Ferdinando”) were cheaper at the Apple store, as you can see:

FilmeiTunes Store (rent | buy) YouTube (rent | buy)
“A Quiet Place” R $ 17 | R $ 45 R $ 15 | R $ 45
"The Shape of the Water" R $ 12 | R $ 45 R $ 10 | $ 45
"Aquarius" R $ 5 | R $ 10 R $ 7 | R $ 20
"2001: An Odyssey in Space" R $ 10 | R $ 35 R $ 7 | R $ 30
"Black Panther" R $ 12 | R $ 45 R $ 10 | R $ 45
"The Ferdinando Bull" R $ 8 | R $ 20 R $ 10 | R $ 45

The disadvantage that is worth mentioning here, however, is that movies on YouTube are usually offered in SD quality (standard definition) and HD (high definition), while in the iTunes Store, many titles are already available in 4K and you pay nothing more to view the content in high quality, a price only for the film regardless of how you intend to watch it. If you have a 4K TV, you obviously need to take this into account.

In our experience with movie rentals on YouTube, the deadline given by Google to start watching the movie was 30 days; after starting playback, you have 48 hours to finish the movie.

So, there is the option for you to enjoy the mid-year holidays, have access to the movies a little more easily and even save some change. Enjoy!

tip from Isaac Paio