Did you know that you can add a web page icon to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen?

One of the features present in the iOS system (which runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) that newbies don’t always know exists is the possibility of adding an internet page icon directly on the device’s application screen, for easy access. If you are one of those who does not know this function, see now how to do it.

The function has existed since iOS version 1.3 (Jan / 2008), when Apple was still in doubt as to whether or not it allowed the development of third-party applications on the iPhone. The initial idea was just to allow webapps, internet-based applications and not installed directly on the device. Fortunately she changed her mind and App Store revolutionized the cell phone market (read more in “Art mimics life: how jailbreak changed global telephony“).

With an icon on the home screen, it is much easier to access pages that we use frequently. Let’s exemplify the process using a page that I particularly access a lot: the iPhone Blog.

1. In Safari, open the page of the website you want to bookmark.

2. Touch the arrow located in the bottom menu of the screen. Choose the option “Add to Home Screen“.

3. Choose the name you want the icon to be called. If it has more than 12 characters (including spaces), the system will cut the name. On prepared sites, a special custom icon for iOS will automatically appear.

From there, the icon appears next to other applications, with easy access. Watch these steps on video:

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